Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pin-up: Wolalina

This piece was done for awhile, I was asked not to post in public until now.
Here is a little information on the character to help promote the book:

Orang Utan Comics is the publisher for the Wolalina comics that are about a lady, who is a former secret agent for the M.Y.T.H. (Mythological & Young Terran Heroes) agency, where people from ancient mythologies actually exist and they work together with humans to stop evil organizations from across the universe. Now she works as a time-traveling private detective to find people who have mysteriously disappeared in the past.

There are going to be 5 bi-monthly comics in color with 40 sequential/comic pages in each comic and Wolalina: The 52 Weeks Gallery is a 52 pages long pin-up gallery book to show where is Wolalina during each week in her busiest year that has 2 Eisner award winners, a Russ Manning award winner and tons of artists, who have drawn comic books like 52, 2000 A.D., Action Comics, Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes, Astro Boy Movie Prequel, Authority, Back to Brooklyn, Batgirl, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Cable & Deadpool, Caliber, Captain Planet & the Planeteers, Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy, Crecy, Criminal, Darkness, Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, Deathlok: The Demolisher, Dynamo 5, Elmer, Emma Frost, Excalibur, Fables, Fallen Angel, Fantastic Four, Fathom, Fear Agent, Forgotten Realms, Galaxy Rangers, G.I. Joe, Gravel, Grimm Fairy Tales, Hack/Slash, Hellblazer, He-Man & the Masters of the Universe: Icons of Evil, Immortal Iron Fist, Incognito, Incredible Hulk, Jungle Girl, Justice League of America, Lady Death: Dark Horizons, Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers, The Losers, Marvel Adventures: the Avengers, Marvel Zombies, Micronauts, Nightwing, Noble Causes, Northlanders, Nova, Peter Parker: Spider-Man, Power Rangers, The Punisher MAX, The Real Ghostbusters, Red Sonja, Robotech, She-Hulk, Silver Surfer, Sleeper, Spawn, The Star Trek Manga, Star Wars, Street Fighter, Supergirl, Superman/Batman, Tales of T.M.N.T., Teen Titans, Texas Chainsaw: Massacre: The Grind, Thunderbolts, Thundercats, Tomb Raider, Transformers, Uncanny X-Men, Voltron: Defender of the Universe, War of Kings: Warriors, Wetworks, WildCats, Witchblade, Wonder Woman, X-Factor, X-Force, Y: The Last Man and many more.

Here is the Wolalina site with a youtube trailer and a link to the digital version of the first Wolalina comic

Wolalina #1 that has a cover drawn by Adriana Melo (Amazing Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel) and colored by Dominic Marco (Grimm Fairy Tales, Hack/Slash) is now available as a print comic over at and ComicMonkey.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cover: Transformers: The IDW Collection vol.I

I think it's safe to post the cover, since it was made public for quite awhile now.

IDW came to me asked me to be involve with designing the look and feel of this series of hardcover. So in case you are wondering why I posted the typefaces and designs, because I got to design the whole thing this time.

This series of cover will feature one character who would be pretty prominent in the particular volume of collection. The first one stepping up to the plate is Megatron.

The artwork were drawn in ArtRage, I really liked the pencil texture from Artrage. Looks pretty close to authentic graphite pencil. The graphics, logos and title graphics were layout in Adobe Illustrator.

Here's the link to Amazon for Transformers: The IDW Collection Vol. I, you can find out more about the content there.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sketches: Sketch dump

So busy for the last few months, but come to think of it, it doesn't seem to ever end. I guess with the state of economy that it is today, it's a good thing.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Mylan is not sleeping well tonight. I have been trying to comfort him. He fell to asleep in my arms and drift off to asleep as well. During this time, I had a dream of me dropping the baby, I woke up in cold sweat and thank God Mylan was still in my arms.
He didn't sleep long, had do it all over again.

Daddy has deadlines to keep, my dear. please go back to sleep!!
Made in Taiwan
"Talent is worthless without hard work."
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

News: More PSP comic

Another one of my Transformers comic just been released on PSP. Revelation#4: Sideswipe. This issue holds a special place in my heart because I got to color the entire book myself. It marks a milestone in my creative adventure.

Made in Taiwan
"Talent is worthless without hard work."
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Friday, February 19, 2010

News: Cyclonus on PSP

Some of you may know that IDW Publishing has been putting out their comic books on PSP. Yesterday one of my Spotlight, the Cyclonus is out on PSP format. If you are interested, check it out!

Key twitter accounts

Transformers: Spotlight: Cyclonus

Made in Taiwan
"Talent is worthless without hard work."
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Update: Spotlight Prowl

I turned in the last page of Spotlight: Prowl last night.
The entire issue was drawn digitally in MangaStudio 4.0 EX. I haven't done anything Transformers in this software until now. I've always thought drawing something as mechanical as Transformers digitally would be kind of difficult because of the more precision lines that they required, but it wasn't as difficult as I had imagined.

I've always wanted to try more industrialized look on Transformers. Something along the line of stuff you may see in Steel Battalion. Military looking and leaner alien robots rather than more human-like. I tried some Prowl design that never made it into the book. Looking back, I may not even go for it myself.

Oh well, going back to the drawing board. :p

Monday, February 08, 2010

Over Heat

My computer is on its last leg, every operation has been lagging. Even takes a few seconds to bring up the right click menu. Its internal CPU overheating alarm has been going off all the time.
I put a heat monitor program to keep an eye on the temperature, it's almost always around at high 80's while I am working, and if I run any sort of multimedia program, the temperature would spike over 90's. I am not comfortable running the CPU constantly at such high temperature.

I put this computer together quite a few years ago, back when Pentium 4 was new to the market. It served me well, maybe it's time to move on...
Made in Taiwan
"Talent is worthless without hard work."
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Spotlight: Prowl

I've been cleared to post the cover to Spotlight: Prowl.

In this cover I used Sketchbook Pro for sketching and inking, then imported into PaintTool SAI for coloring.

This is the first Transformer comic that I'm doing since Spotlight: Jazz, and the first one since the birth of our twins.