Monday, February 08, 2010

Over Heat

My computer is on its last leg, every operation has been lagging. Even takes a few seconds to bring up the right click menu. Its internal CPU overheating alarm has been going off all the time.
I put a heat monitor program to keep an eye on the temperature, it's almost always around at high 80's while I am working, and if I run any sort of multimedia program, the temperature would spike over 90's. I am not comfortable running the CPU constantly at such high temperature.

I put this computer together quite a few years ago, back when Pentium 4 was new to the market. It served me well, maybe it's time to move on...
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lonegamer7 said...

Man, if your computer's going like that, time for a new one.

E.J.Su said...

yeah. I really do need to replace this old horse.

Anonymous said...

I'd definitely recommend a MAC!