Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cover: Transformers: The IDW Collection vol.I

I think it's safe to post the cover, since it was made public for quite awhile now.

IDW came to me asked me to be involve with designing the look and feel of this series of hardcover. So in case you are wondering why I posted the typefaces and designs, because I got to design the whole thing this time.

This series of cover will feature one character who would be pretty prominent in the particular volume of collection. The first one stepping up to the plate is Megatron.

The artwork were drawn in ArtRage, I really liked the pencil texture from Artrage. Looks pretty close to authentic graphite pencil. The graphics, logos and title graphics were layout in Adobe Illustrator.

Here's the link to Amazon for Transformers: The IDW Collection Vol. I, you can find out more about the content there.

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