Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Update: Gallery

The Gallery section is not exactly updated. I got the software back up and running, I need to figure out how to categorize the artworks that I want to upload. A lot of old drawings, unless they are significant to me, will probably be left out of the gallery this time just to keep things compact and manageable.

One thing that was fixed was the archives of the blog. Aparently I messed up the setting that the archives were not linked correctly. It's all working now. I wish Blogger would provide a "category" function, it is a very common function in most blog software. I can't understand why blogger choose to left out that feature.

Here's a little experiment that I am doing with my art style.

I kind of like the lines being colored over like I did on the right.

Another experiment with coloring. I grabbed one of the panel from a page to see how fast I can color one simple panel. Not counting flatting, it took me about 20 mins or so. The time wasn't bad, next time I want to try to color entire page and hopefully try to push for a better time and still retain a decent quality.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Scribble: It's a bird...

I am too busy for anything these days.

Just a quick color sketch of the Man of Steel in mid fly.