Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sketch: Tetsuwan Atomu

The available time to draw has been significantly lacking compare to my work hours in the past. Myra has grown so fast, she just can't go through the day without having attention on her most of the time. Being a stay at home dad, naturally, I am her only play mate during the day. That leaves me between 2-4 hours of work during the day. My real work day don't start until the mom comes home, and most of time doesn't start until Myra goes to sleep, which is usually 9:00pm. So that really doesn't leave me much hours to work. 

So I am mostly doing the night shifts these days, I work when my wife and baby are sleeping. Somtimes in the middle of night, I would get tired from working on regular stuff and goof off on some quick sketches. Which brings me to the title of this entry...

I've fell in love with some of the techniques used by some of the European artists, the crosshatching techniques that creates light and shadow as well as depth. So I eager to experiment this technique. So resulting this sketch of Astroboy. I wanted to finish the background, but I am tired. Maybe I'll get back to it when I have more free time.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

News: R.I.P.

I finally decided to update my blog, but it's a sad sad day. On the day that America made a history by electing a African American President, which I never thought I would see the day, was the day that Michael Crichton Pass away. If it wasn't for him, one of my favorite movie Jurassic Park would never be possible. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel much more so than even the movie.
Thank you Mr. Crichton, may you rest in peace.