Friday, January 29, 2010

Spotlight: Prowl

I've been cleared to post the cover to Spotlight: Prowl.

In this cover I used Sketchbook Pro for sketching and inking, then imported into PaintTool SAI for coloring.

This is the first Transformer comic that I'm doing since Spotlight: Jazz, and the first one since the birth of our twins.


B-Von said...

Great work! You've become one of my very favorite TF artists of late. Keep it up!

James M. Biggie said...

More brilliant work, EJ. Can't wait for more!

E.J.Su said...

@B-Von: Thank you so much, that's high praise considering how many great artists have worked on Transformers. I really appreciate that.

@James M Biggie: Thanks, hope you guys like the new look you see in Prowl.