Sunday, November 27, 2005

Scribble: Mecha Ptera

I've heard stories of women gotten into fight during Black Friday shopping craze. Now there's a part of me wish I was there to see it. Maybe next year I'll just walk over to the mall (there's one just 15mins walk from me) to see if I can spot any shoppers fighting over some small items, just for entertainment value.

So. I've decided to go with the mechanical Pteranodon. I think there will be a lot of people contributing female robots to the project, there's no reason for me to adding any more fembots.


pezzhead said...

This is really cool looking.

v2 said...

No reason...other than you draw uber sexy fembots, EJ :D

漢寶包 Hambuck said...

Simply amazing.
"It's alive !!!"

Erech said...

I turned in my Bots pic today, felt really good about it. Until I saw this.

Wow, good stuff EJ, damn.

I'm gonna go cry now ;)