Friday, November 25, 2005

Other: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! and for those who are going shopping on Friday, GOOD LUCK!!

I was driving home passing Best Buy and the Mall around midnight, amazingly enough, the mall parking lot was full of cars, and there's long line in front of Best Buy. I never realize how crazy the after Thanksgiving shopping is, I mean I've heard of it, but never realize how much untill today. Thanksgiving shoppers have something in common with Star Wars fans, crazy!!


pezzhead said...

I decided to play it safe today, and stay home most of the day. People are crazy out there. Hey E.J., how's Superpatriot WOT and SuperCrazyTNTBlast coming along??? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks!

E.J.Su said...

Yeah, I tried to stay away from anywhere that has a shopping center too.
SuperPatriot WOT#3 has been done for awhile, I have no idea when it will ship though.
SuperCrazy is close to being finished.

pezzhead said...

Awesome news! Thank you!