Wednesday, November 05, 2008

News: R.I.P.

I finally decided to update my blog, but it's a sad sad day. On the day that America made a history by electing a African American President, which I never thought I would see the day, was the day that Michael Crichton Pass away. If it wasn't for him, one of my favorite movie Jurassic Park would never be possible. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel much more so than even the movie.
Thank you Mr. Crichton, may you rest in peace.


Carlos said...

COÑO!!! (that's a bad word in spanish)

Didn't know that, man he was a great writer. Definitely a sad day :(

(First post on your blog, btw :P)

E.J.Su said...

Welcome Carlos.

Yeah, it's too bad. I really enjoyed his books.