Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Artwork: Spotlight Sideswipe preview pages

I've always wanted to get better at coloring. There isn't a whole lot of chance to do that when I am always rushing to meet deadlines, spare time seems like a luxury item these days. There's nothing better than to learn on the job. When the opportunity to color my own comic turns up, I couldn't pass it on. I started to work on the ongoing series of IDW's Transformers back in 2005, if I remember correctly, I started sometime in June of 2005. Now that the "Dead Universe" story line is about to conclude, there's no better time than ever to end the ride with the best effort I can muster, and hopefully I don't fall flat on my nose.

The first 3 pages are especially difficult to do, mainly because I wanted to find the most efficient way of doing this, I mean doing this 22 pages isn't an easy task, especially I have not ever done this before. 3 pages took couple of weeks to do, but after the initial "growing pain" I think I've started to fall into a better working pattern. Things have been moving along a lot better than I first did.


Arko said...

Great job! I really dig the coloring. Is it done in Painter or?

Mike said...

Man. I cant wait for this one E.J.

I was hoping to see you again at SDCC but I heard you were too busy with this!

Hope all is well with you and your family.

PS I just re-read Devistation 6 this morning. Damn you are awesome.

Linkeltje said...


You said you were not very good at colors? Well if so that is now definately history.
These colors are so well done, they suit your drawings greatly!

Please keep doing the colors, you're very good at it.

E.J.Su said...

Sorry for the lack of response guys.

Arko: It's done in Photoshop.

Mike: sorry to missed you at SDCC, I'll definitely make the time to go next year.

Linkeltje: Nah, I still struggle. I lack the color theory background, I really need to learn that.

Thanks everyone for your comments!!

CAT said...

I love your CG!!

Sorry my English is not very good ....

Feikki said...

I loved Spotlight Sideswipe! It was so purdy and strong. The Best Transformers art ever! I really hope you'll still do more Transformers.

J. MIchael Biggie said...

Hey EJ,

Are you doing the interiors for next year's Spotlight: Jazz, or just the front cover?

Take care!

E.J.Su said...

Hi James,

I'll also be providing the interiors for Spotlight: Jazz.

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