Monday, February 11, 2008


One nice thing about Nintendo DS is its portability. I put it in my pocket and will be able to paint anywhere. It's light weight, and good battery life too. Although it takes a little getting used to small screen to paint on, I think I'm slowly getting a hang of it. I tried something really quick but I didn't finish it, so the painting is looking rather cruel at the moment.

The next picture is just an experiment coloring from one of the panel of Transformers: Devastation #5.


Feikki said...

It was really nice to see you back in the game in Devastation #5! You should do a Spotlight and color it also by yourself.

Shinobi Rendar said...

I really like the coloring on Megatron. Really sets a mood. As Feikki said you should do a spotight a color it yourself!

I've been tempted to get a DS just because of that application... so tempted

Hambuck said...


I didn't know DS can be used as
a portable drawing tool~~~

Makes me wanna buy one...XD

Linkeltje aka Lampje said...

DS-Painting? Sounds fun!

I'm still hoping Apple will come with some kind of paint tablet for artists. It'll be Just a matter of time I guess.

Nice updates there! The colors in the batmobile and the transformer pic are spot-on.