Saturday, February 02, 2008


My last entry I said I was going to try to post something everyday. The purpose was to push myself to create contents for my blog, as well as pushing myself to do some sketches for self improvement. Unfortunately, it's been several days, I didn't even keep it up for 2 days straight! ha!

I may not keep up with my a-post-a-day, but I'll definitely need to stop being so lazy on blog entries.

Anyways, this is one of my illustration I recently finished for DK Publishing in UK. I believe it's one of those hard cover technical guide. My previous experience with DK was when they asked me to illustrated 2 pieces of mechanical cut-away views of Optimus Prime and Megatron and 2 pieces of their transformation. They were used in Transformers Ultimate Guide. Batman has always been one of my favorite Superhero, of course I wouldn't say no when they approached me for couple of Batmobile illustrations.


bassbot said...

mate, fantastic batmobile! love the painting through the speed lines, great sense of intensity and action.
BTW, great work on Devastation #5!!!

Scott Winston said...

I really enjoyed Devastation #5 as well. No offense to the excellent pitch hitters, but looking at #5 felt like coming home again. The series just isn't the same without your visual style.

You have a way of making things look real while keeping them magical.

E.J.Su said...

Thanks guys! :D