Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Update: Gallery

The Gallery section is not exactly updated. I got the software back up and running, I need to figure out how to categorize the artworks that I want to upload. A lot of old drawings, unless they are significant to me, will probably be left out of the gallery this time just to keep things compact and manageable.

One thing that was fixed was the archives of the blog. Aparently I messed up the setting that the archives were not linked correctly. It's all working now. I wish Blogger would provide a "category" function, it is a very common function in most blog software. I can't understand why blogger choose to left out that feature.

Here's a little experiment that I am doing with my art style.

I kind of like the lines being colored over like I did on the right.

Another experiment with coloring. I grabbed one of the panel from a page to see how fast I can color one simple panel. Not counting flatting, it took me about 20 mins or so. The time wasn't bad, next time I want to try to color entire page and hopefully try to push for a better time and still retain a decent quality.


-Tony said...

you thouroughly disgust me, man. Also, the color holds on the experiment, they really worked. looks sharp as hell.

Stan said...

Yeah, I definitely preferred the one on the right. Nice.

And can I ask what you mean by flatting? Newb that I am.

Stan said...

Oops, nevermind. Google is your friend (sort of).

Hambuck said...

20 minutes....that's fast ~~*o*
and beautiful too.Can't wait to
see you put up the new gallery.

NB2 said...

Hey EJ! Nice stuff all around. I'm liking the effect color holds have on your work. This is a suggestion for an experiment: see what happens if you use a darker(near black) color hold on items that might have a near black definition in the shadows. For instance, on a pair of relatively dark blue jeans, we might get the illusion of black shadows, or black "lines" created by the wrinkles. But on say, a white Tshirt, the "lines" never really get that dark unless its a very high contrast environment. Its something I want to play around with myself when I get the time. Right now I'm really busy with pages, as I'm sure you are. Talk to you soon.


Luke Barnett said...

EJ, love the second pic of BBee's holomatter projection.(Carly? heh)
The colour lines look great. And ratchet's head is fantastic.
Any chance of you colouring more with your pencils? A bit in the future perhaps?

E.J.Su said...

Hey Luke, I am sure it's just a slip, but that's Ironhide's head. ;)

I doubt I'll be coloring any TF interiors, unless my time is allowed, which is most unlikely.

Anonymous said...

If you have the linework on a seperate layer you can select "preserve transparency" and then simply use the brush to change color of any portion of the linework.

Captain Slug

pinny said...

yes. i like the one on the right much better.

Anonymous said...

you all are the best i wish i could draw like you guys

Anonymous said...

you all are losers fags

Anonymous said...

i like the one on the right
it captures the lighting way better and leaves the pic much softer looking