Sunday, February 05, 2006

Scribble: It's a bird...

I am too busy for anything these days.

Just a quick color sketch of the Man of Steel in mid fly.


Kevin Barber said...

WOW !! Saw this on the Drawing board. Fantastic !! I'll be back regularly.Keep up the great work.

E.J.Su said...

Hi Kevin,

Welcome, thanks for visiting. :)

Likodemus said...

I must say I'm impressed! I accidentally sumbled with your stuff becaus i was googling about those amazing Microman figures and I found that a fellow artis (yes, that's you) also use them fos scketching.
I'll buy you a drink someday!
I already bookmarked your site so expect to hear from me again.
Take care!!

Mike said...

Very nice man! I love your stuff. Now gimmie some New Gods!