Tuesday, January 24, 2006

News: Pixar joins Disney... again

It's official, Disney dropped 7 billion to buy Pixar, which in turn makes Steve Jobs the biggest shareholder of Disney.


I love "The Incredibles", the pretty near perfection full feature animation, but for the very same reason, I wish there's no sequels to be made, especially with Pixar broke away from Disney. At least now it would be handled by Pixar. I hope all the creative decision making will stay with Pixar.


JECIII said...

Something tells me that the sequels issues and creative freedom played a very, very large factor in the deal.

E.J.Su said...

It's funny that you should mention it, because I just read the news about Disney surroundering their animation studios to Pixar's.
I think this confirms to me that the new Disney is something to look forward to.

Hambuck said...

I will scream if there is sequel
for The Incredibles....not to mention those straight to video
doodle sequals......yuck...

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