Saturday, December 31, 2005

Cover: Infiltrating

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope y'all having great holidays.

It's the holiday seasons, but it really doesn't make too much difference for me. Eventhough I visit my brother in Northern California, I still take my work with me. I am so glad I got my TabletPC fixed right before I leave, so I get to do some work while I am there.

Transformers: Infiltration is getting ready to launch. I got around to connect the first 3 of my cover together over the weekend. I noticed my own technique has been altered a bit, mainly because I am trying new things, new ways to do things. Now that I look back on my first cover, I wish I have the chance to go back and repaint most of it, but that won't do any good now since it's already gone to the printer.

My sincere apologies to those fans SuperTNT and Super Patriot who has been asking about my other 2 projects and what happened to them, they are both being worked on, but there are things beyond my control. You should hear some update soon, I can't deny that I am taking advantage of the situation though.


Feikki said...

Looking nice! Now I only need the comic in my hand! Hopefully insides go even further to impress us.

Stan said...

I didn't realise you coloured these these aswell.

Thanks anyway. Even stretched to 1024 ist's still crisper than other versions on the net.

And could you tell me why Ratchet/Ironhide have 6 wheels, because I don't get?

E.J.Su said...

Hey Stan, I can see where the confusion comes in, because there are no wheels on their feet, eventhough the wheel housing are there.

Stan said...

Aaah, I see it now. Thanks. The legs rotate all the way to the back of the thighs and the armour moves toward the "floor" or something.

I just thought you were making life hard for yourself by placing them there but it kinda makes sense.

BTW the Ark picture I'm referring was the only one with enough detail to tell but Ironhide seems to include a wheel in his left wheel housing.

the anal fan

E.J.Su said...

I just checked, you know what, you are correct. that was my goof up. :p

Stan said...

heheh don't worry, I won't tell anyone. ;)

lindsay said...

I found you through the "dailies" which I found through aimee major. I am speechless - can't think of a way to put my impression in words. I can't wait until you get your gallery back up.

Is there anywhere else I can go to view your work?

E.J.Su said...

hi Lindsay, thanks for dropping by.
Currently the only other galleries I have online is here

and the Daily Scribble gallery section here along with other Scribble members' gallery.

I have reinstalled the gallery, but I need to find some time to sort out my artworks to put up. Hopefully I find that moment in next couple of days. Sorry about that. >_<