Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wild Thing

Eventhough I am readying my humble little home for the arrival of the twins, I still trying to sketch as much as possible.


Robin said...

Great Wolvie pic!

Good luck for the safe arrival of the twins. I have twin girls and no matter what anyone says, it does get easier as the months progress.

It did slow down my art output but then i'm not a full time artist.
Congratulations and good luck!

E.J.Su said...

thank you Robin,

I guess someone still visits my website. heh. :)

garrie said...

EJ. :D congrads on having twins.
Hope all is well. I bet you have been super busy. Take care.

Hambuck said...

Hello EJ,

Looks like you're having two new
members in your family.(Wow!)


Saw your works on the bookshelves back in Taiwan. Nice~~~:D