Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cover: Revelation

Here are couple of recent covers I did for IDW's Transformers line. These the first 2 of the 4 connecting covers.
I will be working on interior pages of the first and last issues of the series.

Spotlight: Cyclonus

Spotlight: Hardhead


Martin Fisher said...

Hi EJ,

These covers looks great. I'll be buying them for sure.

Quick question, would you be interested in selling any of your original TF pages from Infiltration, Escalation and Devastation?

Many thanks, Martin :)

Anonymous said...

yeah these covers are awesome. I love the style, and can't wait to see yours colours for the other two (Sideswipe and DoubleDealer).
Great work!

Luke (bassbot)

Linkeltje aka Lampje said...

Allthough transformers are not really my kind of thing, I think the drawings and colors are very well done. They look very Pro to me.

I'm not so sure, but maybe just a tad more contrast would be also nice to see in these? Well I don't know, I haven't tried. ;-)

E.J.Su said...

Martin: I haven't sold any pages, but I am not against selling them. :)

Luke(Bassbot): Thanks! I can always count on your good words. :)

Lampje: Yeah, I tend to go a little darker on these, I look back now I thought some contrast might help. Thanks for pointing that out.

Martin Fisher said...

Hi EJ,

I'd definetly be interested in buying a page of TF art from you.

How shall we go about doing this? And kind of prices do you think you'd be looking at?

Many thanks, Martin :O)

WyA said...

Man you keep getting better at drawing these things. I don't know how you do it, this stuff would kill me. Tech is SO hard!

Jamie Roberts said...

Yep. Great covers.

I'm especially loving the Hardhead pic. Did you design his new form? It's damn good.

Anonymous said...

Hey EJ, just caught your DoubleDealer covers with colours on Denton's blog ( - spectacular work!
Luke (bassbot)

jimlyall said...

This set of covers is amazing and go so well together. Doubledealer looks fantastic too on Denton's site. Any chance of a sneak peak at Sideswipe?

And is he going to still be in Cybertronian mode or Earth mode for the Revelation?

Anyway, superb artwork and can't wait for the series.


D e a n said...

Hi Ej,

Im a fan & as always ur works are AWESOME!!!Ur one of d rare reasons that transformers is cool now.keep it up mann.

Tho, I would like to point out a slight misgiving .. Why is Sideswipe chest isn't like its G1 original design :((( !! Its like his trademark and defines one of the unique difference between the Lambo brothers. Please enlighten me Mr Su. Other than that.. keep rockin man.


E.J.Su said...

Yo Ryan, you must be kidding me, from what I've seen from you. you handle tech with no problem. You are too damn modest.

Bassbot: thanks, I am glad it turned out ok. Never knew how experiments will ended up.

jimlyall: Sideswipe will be Earth mode, I'll try to post a connecting cover soon.

DEAN: I am sorry to disappoint you. I basicly followed the transformation scheme I established with Sunstreaker. Simon suggested that those two should be somewhat identical, or similar in some fashion.

Super Convoy said...

Hey EJ,

Seriously awesome stuff! I just read through the trades of the '-tion' series again. I can't get over the awesome detail, not just in the bots but in the human characters too.

Out of all the TF's you've done so far, who's your fave to draw?

Take care!

PS, I've also been grabbing your Voltron covers too...

E.J.Su said...

Hi James, Thanks for the compliments. I really wish I get to draw more dinobots, but they only came out briefly in my run.