Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Idea: Holomatter Projection

Most of my comic books are reference heavy, not just on objects and places, but also human characters. In Transformers, Autobots have this "holo-driver" that reflects the persona of each of their counter parts. Simon would write a brief discription of what the driver looks like, and I would find a real life actor or famous individual to "play" this part. I don't like to shoot for exact look of the say actor, but rather the characteristic and hopefully capture his or her personality.

One of the holo-driver that really took everyone by surprise is Bumblebee. I was surprised to find female Bumblebee holo-driver myself. Simon really put a nice spin on this one I think. It also got me thinking, what if Bumblebee was a fan of Herbie? maybe it's why he picked the classic alternate mode? then it makes perfect sense for Bumblebee to project his driver as the driver of Herbie. At the end, I decided to based Bumblebee's holo-driver loosely on the driver of Herbie on the latest Herbie movie, Lindsay Lohan.

and you may wonder who protraits the role of Optimus Prime's driver. The answer is Ulysses S. Grant.


Chris N said...

Nifty. :)

Any other inspirations you'd like to share?

sora said...

I suddenly realized when you mentioned it, yeah, his holomatter looks like Lindsay.

It's quite a lovely idea that Bumblebee being a fan of Herbie.

Holomatter's interactivity is very interesting. It seems like a kind of compact and highly maneuverable terminal-interface of them.

E.J.Su said...

Chris: Sure, I got other ones that I could share. Stay tuned. :)

Sora: Yeah, it's a nice addition to Autobots' abilities. It allows them to go where a giant robot can't usually get to.

Anonymous said...

Bumblebee's driver looks prettier than Lindsay.

The chick on the cover of Devastation #4 is also pretty hot.