Sunday, October 09, 2005

Tools: Robocar

Haven't have much time to update my blog lately. Having several projects at the same time is really eating up my time, even my sleeping hours have been reduced, not that I had much time to sleep before.

More cool toys! Check out these Toy Biz Marvel Legends action figures.
They seems to be taking a similar approach to the 18" Spider-Man 2 Figure, similiar type of joints. I couldn't find the size of these figures on the website. Although I prefer generic figures for references, but these are very beautifully sculpted. I wouldn't mind getting some of these guys.

Transformers#1 cover
The version in Preview and other news sites are a bit rushed. I reworked it a little bit to hopefully improved on it for the print.


Feikki said...

Did this ever made it to the print? Or the earlier version?

E.J.Su said...

The Transformer cover? that's the cover for #1, it won't come out untill Jan '06.